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Shona Hurndell


Shona has always been involved in education in some way. She was part of a team that established the first hotel school in New Zealand. Shona then moved into her own business facilitating workshops in secondary schools, working with students to develop their confidence and skills to enter the workplace.

In 2016, Shona’s husband died suddenly. Two and a half years later, she received a cancer diagnosis. She then followed a plan involving rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, Herceptin and underwent surgery for a partial mastectomy.

After completing the last round of treatment, Shona was left with a nagging feeling. "Now that I have been through this, how do I live and how do I make sure it does not come back?"

But the life-changing moments came during a cancer healing retreat when she met a Canadian oncologist who believed that when the mind, body and spirit were in line, that’s when he saw the miracles in healing occur.

Little did she know, this was when the real journey was beginning.


Cancer takes a hit on our immune system. We need to build this up again, using mindfulness as one of the techniques. If we shift from fear to love then this will begin to build our immunity.

Shona went on to learn a range of  energy modalities. We can make a difference in how we feel by shifting old energy through the body. Shona has trained as a Mindfulness, Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), Psych K facilitator and Reiki Master.  Using these simple techniques can also begin to give us a sense of empowerment and bring us joy. 

Cancer is an expression of an imbalance of cells. Our bodies cells are no longer talking to each other in the right way. 

Evidence suggests that simple lifestyle changes can have significant benefits to managing symptoms and improve quality of life. Discover these and support your body to move towards wholeness and vitality.

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