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Becoming Unstoppable

 2 X 3 hour Workshops

We all have limiting beliefs about ourselves. These limiting beliefs become the story we tell ourselves. Discover where they come from and how they may be stopping you from reaching your full potential. You will be introduced to simple and effective daily practices that will release old patterns of thought that no longer serve you and replace them with empowering positive beliefs.

" This workshop changed my life"

The Cancer Journey-Life style is medicine

  3 X 2 hour Workshops

Through my own journey I have come to learn that while going through the traditional treatment plan, there is so much you can do for yourself that will reduce the side effects,  maintain energy levels and begin to focus on healing. Simple steps can help in getting the body back into balance.  

In small, supportive groups you can discover evidence based  healthy lifestyle changes which are known to make a difference. The mind influences the body. A healthy mind will increase immunity and  greater well-being.

Workshops are small, safe, fun and insightful


We also offer one-on-one consultations targeted to individual healing that may be better suited to your personal needs.


Workshop series


Becoming Unstoppable
2 X 3 hour Workshop

Saturdays  4 and 11  May  9am-Noon



The Cancer Journey
 2 X 3  hour Workshop

Fridays 10 and 17 May  2024 9.30-12.30

All workshops held at

45 Barbarich Drive, Stonefields, Auckland

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