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Calm Woman

Start your healing journey

KimiOra offers a fresh perspective on self-healing with the power of mind, body and spirit. Discover how you can turn the body on to begin healing itself through its own natural intelligence.

Discover a calmer, healthier life

For some, it can be difficult to ask for help when we are suffering or going through tough times. Through insight and mindfulness Shona  can show you how to empower the mind, body and spirit.

Shona has finely honed communication skills and will listen carefully to your story. If you have been diagnosed with cancer evidence suggests  that simple lifestyle changes can have significant benefits and will  complement the best medical care you are receiving.

Small steps can open big doors.


Learning new mind and body awareness  techniques can benefit everyone’s health, whether you currently have cancer or not. Shona warmly welcomes everyone beginning their healing journey.

Sharing self-help, insights and techniques

Humans, like everything else is evolved to survive.  Constant overwhelm, stress and fear leads your body's biochemical alarm system going into overboard and fighting itself, instead of healing. But there is a way to overcome it.  We need to create space for yourself to heal. There are simple techniques we can use daily that will calm the body down, reduce inflammation and increase emotional well being. When we transform stress and adversity, release negativity, anger and resentment we create a space for love, compassion and kindness. Establishing a daily practice we can make room for healing energy to flow through your body.​

There is a better way to think about this.

A Chronic Illness or cancer cells  can be the beginning of our body telling us that it is out of alignment with its own natural healing state. Let this become our teacher.

Cancer is an opportunity of making lifestyle and mind
changes. As we change the story, we begin to find our own beauty. This is our opportunity to grow through crisis.

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